Buyers are Buying again

Our team of experts has various specialty programs to help you get into your next home with minimum or no hassle.  Here are some questions to help you decide if you are a strong candidate to rent or to purchase. Do not shy away if you find you need an ITIN loan, Foreign National loan, a Private Loan or other Alternative Financing.


1.  Are you currently employed?

2.  Have you been working in the same line of business in the past 2 yrs?

3.  Do you have a social security number?

4.  Have you filed income taxes for the past 3 yrs?

5.  Do you have a credit report?

6.  Do you have a score above 680?

7.  Do you have a bank account?

8.  Do you have about $3,000.00 in your bank account today?

9.  Have you been paying rent for at least 1 yr?

10 Have you been paying on a mortgage on time every month?

11. Have you been foreclosed in the last 7 years?

12. Have you filed bankrupcy in the last 7 years?

13. Do you have a tax lien?

14. Do you owe back child support?

15. Do you owe student loans?

16. Have you ever been evicted?

17. Have you done a short sale or loan modification on ?

18. Are you habitually late to making your bill payments?

19. Have you lost a job in the last 24 months

20. Are you receiving welfare, housing, subsidies or  disability benefits?

21. Do you have a property to sell before you buy?

22. How much have you saved for a downpayment?   5%     10%     20%     30%

23. How much do you have for earnest money and closing costs?    1%     3%     6%

24. Will you be borrowing any money or receiving any cash gifts to purchase?

25. Do you have any additional assets such as CDs, 401Ks, IRAs, Inheritances?

26. Do you have a co-signer with excellent credit and debt to income ratios?

27. Have you attended a buyer seminar?

28. When is your move-in date for the new house?

29. How will you be paying for the home?  CASH   LOAN   OWNER-FINANCE

30. Are you working with a Realtor   or a Lender already?

31. Do you have a house to buy or refinance in mind already?


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